New Catalogue Raisonné about Paul Kleinschmidt


VAN HAM Art Publications is currently devoting itself to a new and exciting project: the creation of a catalogue raisonné of the paintings, watercolours, gouaches and drawings of the important and highly independent painter Paul Kleinschmidt. He is one of the pioneers of modern art in Germany and yet his work has faded into the background. Thus, the Catalogue Raisonné is intended to help restore Kleinschmidt's extraordinary oeuvre to its proper place in art history. It is based on the dissertation "Paul Kleinschmidt 1883 - 1949" by Dr. Barbara Lipps-Kant, published in 1977. The new version is being produced in collaboration with the artist's descendants and the Paul Kleinschmidt Gesellschaft e.V..

VAN HAM Art Auctions has dedicated itself to art research with its own publishing house VAN HAM Art Publications and thus makes an important contribution to the networking of science and the art market. The documentary and scientific work also strengthens the trusting relationship between buyers and sellers. Thus, the Catalogue Raisonné on Paul Kleinschmidt's works will also serve as an important source of information for research, museums, collectors and the art trade.

The aim is to include all paintings as well as watercolours, gouaches and drawings by Paul Kleinschmidt. Dr. Barbara Lipps-Kant has already recorded 423 oil paintings and 708 works on paper in her dissertation. Since the beginning of the processing in 2017 and the strong resonance after the first announcement of the project in the public, more than 50 previously unknown oil paintings and works on paper have been added to the collection, so that it can be assumed that the previously known painterly oeuvre will be considerably expanded.

Therefore we would like to ask you to contact us:, if you are in possession of an original by Paul Kleinschmidt or if you have references to such an original - regardless of whether it is listed in the catalogue raisonné of Dr. Barbara Lipps-Kant or not. Please use our data sheet, which you can download here. In order for us to reproduce your works in good quality in the publication, we also need a reproducible digital photograph of the front page and, for documentation purposes, high-resolution digital photographs of the back page and, if available, stickers - this also applies to the works already known. It goes without saying that we treat all information received as confidential. We would like to thank you very much for your support.